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Tweet      Follow @S_kotnala February 16 was an iconic day in the short history of IPL and for an Idea called Yuvraj. A player discarded by the Indian selectors. A decision that saw polarised reactions. A decision much debated and challenged among his fans and distractors. Yuvraj is not some unknown entity. He is the… Read More »


This Dassera, Burn the Ravana Within

On Friday,  we will celebrate Dassera, a festival of good prevailing over evil. This  day Rama killed Ravana, the demon with 10 heads, the most learned man of his time but a symbol of evil. Calling out the hidden professionals; the Rama within you to finish the new Ravana thriving in our industry. The power… Read More »


INTRADIA is a part of    P1P2SOLUTIONS   which  is dedicated towards liberating solutions ( Ideas). As an successful ambitious organisation with clear goals and objective, your team is one of the best talent group in the category. They collectively have a huge experience and most likely their potential has not been fully exploited. Its seen that an EXTERNAL… Read More »