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Are you adding to the creative noise with unwanted, uninteresting, uninspiring crap?

It is not new that the monolithic marketing departments are crumbling, ever held tenderly by the omnipresent but not so omnipotent all-knowing marketing director. Fragmented media channels along with the emergence of multiple touch points have created a need for expert zones and pockets of specialisation. The ever-exploitable unsatisfied lust of an overtly voyeuristic customer… Read More »


Will your insight pass the complete organisation test?

Insight is one of the most misused words in the business of marketing and communication. They are loosely used to denote any not-so-obvious fact. At times the ability of it being commercially exploitable and being helpful in enhancing impact of a brand / process is treated as secondary. It primarily remains an inferred answer from… Read More »

Is the Consumer developing IMMUNITY to your brand messages

Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala I hate it, when I am suffering from fever and my doctor refuses to prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. But his logic is simple. My body may develop immunity against prescribed chemicals and then I will need a higher dose. One day even the higher doses will stop working. A new prescription will… Read More »

For Brand continuity you need brand knowledge.

Today we are part of a hypersensitivity and chaotic environment. Brand learning is no longer an annual review process. The frequency of media and creative initiatives is ever increasing. The life of a campaign is shorter than ever before. There is information overload. And in such situations the brand is under stress and threat from… Read More »