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Earlier, one used to join and retire from a similar job or field. With the changing technology and dynamic shifts consumer needs, reflected in tectonic shifts in services, products and their approach to market, the life of expertise and the tenor at a job is decreasing exponentially. The current generation has never been ready for… Read More »


Be selfish- put yourself before everything else

Life has always been demanding. The demands increase with time. You have been misguided if you believe that finally there will be a day when you will have more time at hand. It is tough to find a balance, and it is very easy to let life get out of control. Chaos, anxiety, stress are… Read More »

Riding IPZEH and other management lessons from life

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala This is from early 80’s; I was a student in Jabalpur perusing my engineering degree. I was day scholar in a college that was some 15-17 KM away from home and the distance was covered on cycle. One did that easily with friends. I had a HERO MAJESTIC and my dear close… Read More »

How well can you accept your destiny ‘I WILL GO WITH YOU’.

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala I got introduced to PRIYA KUMAR the author in one of the bookstores in the airport, while we both were waiting for a delayed flight. That was many year back. Later I  enjoyed reading her book ‘I AM JUST ANOTHER YOU’, so when I saw ‘I WILL GO WITH YOU’ at the… Read More »

SEVEN CONVERSATIONS – only the right questions gets you the answer.

Thank you NISTHA TRIPATHI (The author) for reaching out to me and sharing this book ‘SEVEN CONVERSATIONS’. Truthfully speaking, in the normal course of life, I certainly would have missed out. I would have failed to pick this and the loss would completely been mine. That is for the content not the format or the… Read More »


This happened somewhere in early 1991-92. At that time the Mobile and Pagers were yet to be launched and I remember it was still the age of Fax and PC was replacing Electronic typewriters. Like every other agency, at HTA ( Now called JWT) financials were always under scrutiny. Still, the era of 15% commission… Read More »


I never bothered when I turned 20-30 or 40. So seem like there is nothing much to think about 50. But if that was the case, I would not have been sitting here punching this note in. ‘50’ is just another number that through ages has been elevated to some sort of a milestone. When… Read More »