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Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala 62nd  EPISODE. Take you back to LINTAS of Mohandev Building Connaught place, New Delhi time. We had a few Public Sector clients and the billing was not worth discussing. These clients were just continuing as a legacy with us. They were wasting huge sums on advertising mostly in print through other empaneled… Read More »



37th Episode. Sometime in early 1996. Lintas North India office at Mohan Dev Building, New Delhi under  the able leadership of Preet Bedi decided to expand its operations. In process, it decided to open a satellite operation at Chandigarh, which could cater to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Haryana, Punch Kula and Chandigarh. The task was handed… Read More »


            32nd EPISODE. Year 2000. Lowe Lintas Delhi. 9th floor Mohandev Building.  Pawan and team were in a celebrating mood. After countless scripts, finally the client MARUTI approved script titled ‘BONDAGE’. The budget was decent enough for the team to think of talking to Namita Roy Ghose and Subir Chatterjee… Read More »


Tweet Follow @S_kotnala It was my  second year in Lintas. It was like any other usual day.  I was in my small little cabin on the 8th floor of e Mohandev building. The phone rang and that was the   beginning of a small interesting episode. RECEPTIOIST AT DELHI OFFICE : Sanjeev call from PREM MEHTA’s office, shall I patch… Read More »


Continuing with the brand GILLETTE and WILKINSON SWORD blade, I share with you something that I would not recommend to be copied in the era gone by and the era to come. This is a good revenge story. Simplicity is the key to being effective and efficient. This takes me to a time when RANJAN… Read More »


Pitch  campaigns are  magical. They are expected to be strategically aligned in sync with the brand vision. They are said to be  exercise in cautious passion and deep rooted consumer understanding – derived out of some hastily put-together Group discussion and Dipsticks. Unfortunately lot of EGO and DESTINEY rides these campaigns. Shortage of time between… Read More »