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The forgotten art of ‘Managing By Walking Around’

In my career, I worked with a lot many professionals managers, who were also great human beings. They helped shape my approach in life. Under their expert tutelage, I was introduced to the hugely potent management tool; the art of ‘Managing By Walking Around’ ( MWA). I am a great fan of it. Most of… Read More »


‘STORM THE NORM’ too simplified

I must first share three things with you. One, I have taken a long time to read ‘STORM THE NORM; by Anisha Motwani. Two, Anisha Motwani is a friend and a fellow Marketing Buzzer, a thriving community of people with ideas and opinions. Three, I have earlier recommended the book on social media based on… Read More »

Is your brand ready for business calamities like a cloudburst or an earthquake?

Sajeev is one of our emergencies and disaster preparedness experts at Aide-et-Action. He learnt a lesson in the Chennai floods.  Being a disaster management expert, he is always ready with sufficient stocks of essential food items, milk powder, candles, torchlight, basic medicines, etc. However, after two days of power cut in the Chennai floods, when he… Read More »

Small Steps to Enhance Activation Experience

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Events and activation are an integral part of a B2B campaign. Properly executed they are successful in engaging and delivering the message. Unfortunately most of the event and activations are good ideas badly executed. The intent behind the activity and the initial design framework are usually right. Time, budget constraints and… Read More »

Bappa – The Language Of Balanced Coding And Resources

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala The elephant headed, cutely hypnotic and wise Ganapati is the patron of letters and learning. He is the first lord of all. He is worshipped first. He is a lord, friend and idol for the bloggers, storyteller’s (advertising, marketing & business) and people in journalism. He is entrusted by his father, lord… Read More »

CSR: the marketing tool to leverage Internal force with a brand synergistic act

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is not a new thing for Indian culture. It has been present in one form or another through ages. Remember how the Jodhpur Palace was created. It was made so that the proud Rajasthanis who would not take alms, could work during famine and earn from the king. CSR seems… Read More »

Riding IPZEH and other management lessons from life

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala This is from early 80’s; I was a student in Jabalpur perusing my engineering degree. I was day scholar in a college that was some 15-17 KM away from home and the distance was covered on cycle. One did that easily with friends. I had a HERO MAJESTIC and my dear close… Read More »

Appreciating contribution in creating highly untrained leadership in advertising

Tweet     Follow @S_kotnala The classic quote “Our assets go down in the elevator every night” still reflects advertising and communication organisations and highly people-centric professions. Yet, the practice defies logic. Surprisingly, beyond learning on the run, they do nothing in terms of organised training. Throwing in the deep end seems to be the only… Read More »

MASS EXODUS- will you be the next victim

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala It is neither the first nor is the last time that the news of collective exodus of employees from an advertising agency is being reported. Just like an earthquake, it is unpredictable but bound to happen if the built-up pressure fails to find a release. The signs of stress building need an… Read More »


 50TH EPISODE: IT WAS IIFA 2013 MACAU time.  Twelve  member senior corporate sales and marketing team from Dainik Bhaskar led by Pradeep Dwivedi was at Macau mixing business  with pleasure. The business part of the agenda, a review and planning meet was closed out on the first day itself. The team had heads across zones… Read More »