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False covers, conditioning of the print reader.

There has to some logic behind the magic of multiple false covers in dominant newspapers across the country. Come festival time, and suddenly you have to wade through a barrage of the false front page to reach the real front page with news. AM I THE ONLY ONE MISSING THE LOGIC OF MULTIPLE FALSE COVER?… Read More »


Why the myopic male fear women empowerment.

This is to clarify and protect myself from possible misunderstanding arising from this piece. I firmly positively support Women Empowerment. Changes in rules, laws and environment bring in responsibility of not misusing them. Some do misuse and spoil the situation. I also believe; life started as equality between the two gender. Few things led to… Read More »

Stop writing the print epitaph.

Last week, newspapers were in focus. I read this article ‘What If the Newspaper Industry Made a Colossal Mistake?’ by Jack Shafer, POLITICO’s senior media writer and ‘The Slow, Painful Death of the Media’s Cash Cow’ by Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View columnist. They made some valid points. The inference was too simplistic. According to them… Read More »

Do you have a combat strategy for a completely naked market?

This is a time of great anxiety for the marketers. The traditional synchronised product development process that they so wisely learnt and understood was never a complex process. It was a seamless choreographed process. The collaborating teams from verticals like research, manufacturing, marketing, communication and sales found their unique ways to formulate benefit claims to… Read More »

News Media. Credibility At Risk.

There is not much to substantiate, but I fear news media credibility in the second most trusted nation* has taken a beating. It may be just at the edge ready to give politicians a run for bias and distrust. Social media is surely (not suddenly) becoming the media of trust. WOM was always more credible.… Read More »

The power of effective one-on-ones in media sales.

Sales and marketing of media brands have been experiencing a change, they are not comfortable with. ‘whatsapp me’, ‘Let’s skype’ and ‘send a email’ are replacing ‘let’s discuss’ and let’s meet’. If you seriously believe ‘One-on-Ones’ that were the backbone of legendary media relationship marketing/ selling of yesteryears are threatened by the evolving technology, social… Read More »

Are media sellers & marketers in sync with changing B2B realities?

I was reading an article by brand strategist Tony Eades titled ‘Want Better ROI On Your B2B Marketing Strategy? Ditch The Sales Pipeline And Focus On The Customer’ . It immediately struck a chord with me, and I started reflecting at the scenario in India and the established template in media sales and marketing processes.… Read More »

The Indian Express’ soft touch to rejuvenate newspapers… but does it work?

On June 13 when I boarded my flight to Nagpur, I was in for a small surprise. There was Indian Express placed on the aisle seats. The surprise was short as the cover was Jet Airways proudly selling its services. And then the last two pages of the wrap had the ad from Indian Express.… Read More »

Missing the ‘TIP’ of a Tipping Point

The annual Pitch Madison Advertising Report is out and quite a few faces in media are smiling. It is a sunny forecast. Words people were waiting to hear. The euphoria is evident. The trust exists in the forecast. Like earlier PMARs, the industry is sure 2016 report will continue to accurate and directional. Then what… Read More »

Can you really blame organisations to equate pregnancy with unproductiveness

When the recent MYNTRA ad opened for comment in the positively inclined diverse set of people who primed themselves  for being open, transparent and seeking diversity in opinion- all hell broke lose. Now if you have missed the ad- you can see it here before you proceed further being an opinionated ‘Fly-on-the-wall’ while I reproduce the interesting… Read More »