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The midnight meet in GOA

BACKGROUND. Before the start of GOAFEST 2017, in my article “GOAFEST- expected to surpass expectations ! I shared a small secret and an expectation. “2016, the after hours party on the last day was in full swing. It was around 2 A.m, and I was a bit tipsy. Right outside the party area, where the registration… Read More »



Another point of view on; THE INNOCENT SIMPLE TVC BY AIRTEL. I am happy to note that the spot is still on air. It demonstrates that the client is not spooked by criticism. And I appreciate it. Media, creative expert and social science adventurers have not been able to see how progressive the TVC is.… Read More »


This is the time I was with  HTA. Motorola was a new client. And Rahul Verghese (www.runningandliving.com fame) a different kind of client. Dead serious professionally and hugely funny beyond work. Rahul had five  simple rules to work when it came to meetings. On time. Rahul lived what he expected from others. I remember him… Read More »