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‘God The Mantra of Branding’ is a book on Branding born of a dream. It is an attempt by the author Dr Vipul Jain to juxtapose the life of mythological characters (mostly from Mahabharata) to explain his point-of-view and context to Branding. It is not a book for practitioners, who may find it too simplified… Read More »


KARAN’s Wife- The outcast Queen. Mahabharata from Uruvi’s perspective.

I am a prime sucker for books based on mythology. Indian great treatise Mahabharata and Ramayana is a rich source of newer fictional stories as they leave much to interpretation. I enjoy ‘Mythology Without Copyright’ books and have quite a few of them. In my case it becomes easy to be confused about the characters… Read More »

Read ‘SCION OF IKSHVAKU’ but it fails to meet the high expectations

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala The relationship between a performer and the audience is always fragile. Be it an actor, a cricketer, a dancer or an author. With repeated superlative performance they raise the bar not only for them but also of the expectations of their fans. It is the curse of being successful and passionate in… Read More »


I think I have read enough mythological books this year. Some working new stories- some assimilation of many versions. SITA – AN ILLUSTRATED RETELLING OF RAMAYANA- by Devdutt Pattanaik would be the last for many months to come. I never bother if Devdutt has a point of view. Not getting into an argument- was SITA… Read More »


BUSINESS SUTRA- an inspiring work- recommend reading Presented as ‘ A very Indian approach to management’- with a premise as simple as ‘As is belief- so is behaviour, so is business’. Business Sutra is a rich interpretation of Indian mythology and understanding. Divided into simple chapters. Starts with a detailed section  CONNECTING BELIEF TO BUSINESS… Read More »