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False covers, conditioning of the print reader.

There has to some logic behind the magic of multiple false covers in dominant newspapers across the country. Come festival time, and suddenly you have to wade through a barrage of the false front page to reach the real front page with news. AM I THE ONLY ONE MISSING THE LOGIC OF MULTIPLE FALSE COVER?… Read More »


Why the myopic male fear women empowerment.

This is to clarify and protect myself from possible misunderstanding arising from this piece. I firmly positively support Women Empowerment. Changes in rules, laws and environment bring in responsibility of not misusing them. Some do misuse and spoil the situation. I also believe; life started as equality between the two gender. Few things led to… Read More »

Stop writing the print epitaph.

Last week, newspapers were in focus. I read this article ‘What If the Newspaper Industry Made a Colossal Mistake?’ by Jack Shafer, POLITICO’s senior media writer and ‘The Slow, Painful Death of the Media’s Cash Cow’ by Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View columnist. They made some valid points. The inference was too simplistic. According to them… Read More »

The Indian Express’ soft touch to rejuvenate newspapers… but does it work?

On June 13 when I boarded my flight to Nagpur, I was in for a small surprise. There was Indian Express placed on the aisle seats. The surprise was short as the cover was Jet Airways proudly selling its services. And then the last two pages of the wrap had the ad from Indian Express.… Read More »

For every feature article a scantly dressed woman would do?

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala Women power. Woman empowerment. Women image. Progressive outlook. Media keeps throwing these powerful words at the common man.Poor soul does not know more than these media stalwarts. He starts believing he is at fault. His self-image takes a beating. Every one is a suspect in his mind. He now hides behind the… Read More »

The 248KB that fired to defend the honour

Tweet      Follow @S_kotnala 70th Episode. Many answered my call to share some episode from their life in advertising and marketing, this is one of them where I am not in the picture. Back to 2006-2007. Post launch of two English newspapers in Mumbai, the fight for respectful second was still on. TOI (Times of… Read More »

9 things helping Print in India

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Here is the good news for print that Sam Balsara presented at the recent Pitch Madison media projection. 1. Print is the largest media with some 42% plus overall share. 2. Difference between TV and Print has widened. 3. The growth in digital has come at the cost of TV more… Read More »


41st EPISODE some years ago, one of the larger regional newspapers went to PATTAYA for their annual incentive tour. The combined National sales team, marketing and other vertical heads like HR., Editorial, Circulation  & production joined as observers. It is not rocket science, that when a predominately male dominated group lands at Pattaya, a visit… Read More »