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Missing the ‘TIP’ of a Tipping Point

The annual Pitch Madison Advertising Report is out and quite a few faces in media are smiling. It is a sunny forecast. Words people were waiting to hear. The euphoria is evident. The trust exists in the forecast. Like earlier PMARs, the industry is sure 2016 report will continue to accurate and directional. Then what… Read More »



OOH as a medium has always been sandwiched between traditional and emerging media. The traditional media brigade and the digital prosumers raise critical questions on OOH efficiency and effectiveness. Taking the bull by the horn and to demonstrate Real Power of OOH in driving digital engagement, OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America, representing 90% of… Read More »

Say no to mediocre creativity. Amplify OOH experience

Follow @s_kotnala   Tweet There is too much of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. It’s a space that is cluttered. It is tough to make a statement. It is tough to create an engaging experience. It is tough to defend such an observation. Absolutely true for hoarding, bus shelter and other such traditional OOH still seeped… Read More »