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How, What & Why of Erroneous Claims by Newspapers.

Recently one of the top newspapers published a corrigendum on its circulation claim. Another newspaper hinted that the competition was lying. And a few others’ claims went unchallenged. When claims happen, you know the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) or ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) reports have been released. Reacting to competition,  calling them ‘liars’ and… Read More »


CROSS MEDIA MATRIX- Time for Indian Publishers to take the leap

Tweet     Follow @S_kotnala Why should anyone be interested the latest report of EMMA, the Enhanced Media Matrix Australia? The answer could be a wishful thinking and the necessity of future. We are probably at the right point to leap forward. Today, in complexly fragmented multi-title and multi-screen media engagement, a study like EMMA, the… Read More »


Media planning has spiritually come a long way. The sixth sense of media planner in Indian advertising industry is more powerful than that of the dog in Mahesh Bhatt camp. They are more accurate than the meteorological department in predicting tectonic shifts and minor tremors in media environment. The media weights are being reshaped by… Read More »

IRS 2013 id Dead: Long live IRS

The lifting of self-imposed embargo on use of IRS 2013 has been lifted. This was completely predictable and not surprising at all. The process and methodology audit been complete, post deliberation Chairman- MRUC, Chairman-ABC, Chairman-RSCI and Chairman INS have unanimously agreed to life the embargo. Why do I still feel that this is just CHECK… Read More »