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It pays to strengthen perception, because it’s more real than reality

Good Interviews are addictive to watch. They have an uncanny ability to capture your attention. More so, when subject, subject matter or the interviewer is of your interest. There have been a few of these in the recent past. They have the power to break or strengthen an existing perception. Many times they force you… Read More »


Choreographed story telling

Tweet       Follow @twitter ‘Seamless Storytelling’, ‘You Are The Hero’ and ‘Jury Crossfire’ were the central thought pieces theme that ran through Day 2 and 3 at ADFEST 2015 Pattaya. Amply demonstrated with engaging presentations that ran like clockwork. Hats off to the team behind the scene. The thoughts that kept echoing long after the… Read More »


Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala As you read this, I should be on way to Pattaya answering the Adfest  war cry ‘BE BAD’.  With Pattaya that sounds just great. On deeper thoughts it is asking you to be bad in a good way. Quoting from the fest site ‘Take up the rallying cry and take your clients… Read More »