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Terminating client-agency relationship professionally.

What is true for personal life is true for professional life too. Relationships take time to build. Same is true of Client-agency relationship. They need an investment of time, efforts and a lot of trust and faith. Moreover, yet, in many relationships, there comes a stage when breaking it is more productive than continuing with… Read More »


Be selfish- put yourself before everything else

Life has always been demanding. The demands increase with time. You have been misguided if you believe that finally there will be a day when you will have more time at hand. It is tough to find a balance, and it is very easy to let life get out of control. Chaos, anxiety, stress are… Read More »

Of Kawaria’s and Why Brand Nirvana evades you?

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala Last Thursday as I was driving down the Delhi-Gurgaon-Jaipur Highway I could see Kawarias (carrying the pious water from Ganges) walking back from Haridwar. On an average every one of them walks 300-odd km. But they have a promise to keep. A promise they made to their deity. On Saturday, I saw… Read More »