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‘ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE’ – towards designed customer Intimacy.

Oh, I know. I caught you there with the headline. As a brand / product/ service, you and the customer is not married. On top of that there is no hint of an affair. Intimacy is a desire and dream but then that is where you stand. If I hear you right, you are committed to… Read More »


Is the Consumer developing IMMUNITY to your brand messages

Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala I hate it, when I am suffering from fever and my doctor refuses to prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. But his logic is simple. My body may develop immunity against prescribed chemicals and then I will need a higher dose. One day even the higher doses will stop working. A new prescription will… Read More »

For Brand continuity you need brand knowledge.

Today we are part of a hypersensitivity and chaotic environment. Brand learning is no longer an annual review process. The frequency of media and creative initiatives is ever increasing. The life of a campaign is shorter than ever before. There is information overload. And in such situations the brand is under stress and threat from… Read More »


Media planning has spiritually come a long way. The sixth sense of media planner in Indian advertising industry is more powerful than that of the dog in Mahesh Bhatt camp. They are more accurate than the meteorological department in predicting tectonic shifts and minor tremors in media environment. The media weights are being reshaped by… Read More »

IT is now for the Radio Industry to take advantage of Phase-III auction

The third round of auction in radio is being seen as game changer. I personally fail to understand this euphoria. My faith in radio as a medium is a bit shaken, I am not sure about the situation in metro markets but suspect that it may only be slightly better. For, here is a media in… Read More »

Blame it on the Publisher for decreasing Press Advertising

The acid test of newspaper advertising is really Dhanteras, the festival where the one-has-to-buy mentality supersedes every economic parameter and pocket size. When retail, regional and corporate clients fight to fill up the prime sqcm in the leading newspapers. A period when the print salesperson feels a bit more wanted and in demand, a time… Read More »

Time we recalibrate UnMetro Consumer Understanding

            I am surprised that there is still an ambiguity among Citizens of Planet ‘Media Buying and Planning’ and ‘Marketers’ about UnMetro market potential and possibilities. Because, it  silently crept in while they remained glued to their ivory tower windows with a limited view. The result: no one understands it.… Read More »

IRS 2013 id Dead: Long live IRS

The lifting of self-imposed embargo on use of IRS 2013 has been lifted. This was completely predictable and not surprising at all. The process and methodology audit been complete, post deliberation Chairman- MRUC, Chairman-ABC, Chairman-RSCI and Chairman INS have unanimously agreed to life the embargo. Why do I still feel that this is just CHECK… Read More »