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Have your SOP’s outlived their utility?

Every self-respecting department in a growing organisation has defined standard operating processes (SOP). The problem is simple. Most of the process were created when the organisation was of a different size, operating in a zone with market dynamics that may not be now relevant. However, like religious rituals and family traditions, they remain unchallenged. In… Read More »


Where will you waste your annual conference this year?

‘Annual Conclave’ in most organisations brings a smile to the faces. It is a not-promised but hinted reward for the last year performance. Or is it an investment into future performance. The jury is divided. Most take a middle path like many advertising campaigns and stick to ‘Investment in last year performers for next year… Read More »


 50TH EPISODE: IT WAS IIFA 2013 MACAU time.  Twelve  member senior corporate sales and marketing team from Dainik Bhaskar led by Pradeep Dwivedi was at Macau mixing business  with pleasure. The business part of the agenda, a review and planning meet was closed out on the first day itself. The team had heads across zones… Read More »

SEVEN CONVERSATIONS – only the right questions gets you the answer.

Thank you NISTHA TRIPATHI (The author) for reaching out to me and sharing this book ‘SEVEN CONVERSATIONS’. Truthfully speaking, in the normal course of life, I certainly would have missed out. I would have failed to pick this and the loss would completely been mine. That is for the content not the format or the… Read More »