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An unfinished tale at GOAFEST?

Will GOAFEST 2018 add a twist to this tale? Goafest 2017. 5-6-7th April. Grand Hyatt, Goa. It is work-in-progress. The story is evolving with time. Goafest is where stories take shape, few find their end, and some starve for the next chapter. I am waiting for the possible twist in my story that started in 2016.… Read More »


It pays to strengthen perception, because it’s more real than reality

Good Interviews are addictive to watch. They have an uncanny ability to capture your attention. More so, when subject, subject matter or the interviewer is of your interest. There have been a few of these in the recent past. They have the power to break or strengthen an existing perception. Many times they force you… Read More »

A story born overnight in the Writing Workshop by Raksha Bharadia

Last night at MICA, I had a chance to attend a short two-hour WRITING WORKSHOP by Raksha Bharadia, the author of ‘All & Nothing’, ‘Roots and wings’ and the editor author of the Chicken Soup India series. She took us, the participants,  through various stages of a story construct. The importance of opening with a… Read More »

Have you written a new chapter for the brand?

Brands work with familiarity and consistency, with benefits and relevance and with emotional connect. They are just like human being. A set pattern of behavior and an accepted level of unchanged unmagnified performance bring stagnancy into relationship. It is like marriage. A brand just like in a successful loyal marriage must strive to enhance the… Read More »