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Will the DVC’s help CEAT on talent front?

Is CEAT facing issues with its talent management? Or are there work culture issues? In the current recruitment market, candidates are worried about the choices they make. There are numerous unanswered questions before them. Everyone wants to know more about the organisational culture and values in detail. Most of company culture knowledge is a result… Read More »


STOP BLAMING SO-REAL-MAR(Ke)Tin(g) for current situation in Indian advertising Industry ?

June 27 1987 is the day advertising started its metamorphosis. Or so people would like you to believe. That day, Martin Sorrell with a confidence that only he understood made the successful hostile takeover of J Water Thompson (JWT). Most likely, he was unsure of the destination or the choices he will have to make… Read More »

News Media. Credibility At Risk.

There is not much to substantiate, but I fear news media credibility in the second most trusted nation* has taken a beating. It may be just at the edge ready to give politicians a run for bias and distrust. Social media is surely (not suddenly) becoming the media of trust. WOM was always more credible.… Read More »

Think we need ‘YOUNG TALENT’ quota in Industry Associations.

Tweet      Follow @s_kotnala Quota’ is in the air and you can shout out the word loudly without being in a minority. It is time that we take this opportunity for pushing something selfless in our agenda. Before you get me wrong, here is the disclaimer. My focus is to appreciate the relentless selfless industry… Read More »

Talent drought, biggest nemesis of digital and e-commerce

A fairly senior advertising professional in the digital part of a well-respected advertising agency made an observation. Last month, he pitched to a hugely funded e-commerce business.  He had nothing against the fairly half-his-age fresh professional sitting to comment and decide on his strategy and approach. He respects their approach, passion, ambition, ideas and a… Read More »

More for Less only works in Fashion Street

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala In today’s world, the client-agency relationship is perpetually in flux. Agencies have been trying to extend the life of their last winning formula ‘More for Less’  and  protect business. There is a constant fight to grow and be the biggest, not necessarily the best. The agencies have  failed to realise creation of… Read More »