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Sensitive To Stereotype & 1 last question to Ask.

I am not sure where this piece is going. It has unstated directions. It is in a flux, waiting for thought traffic to settle in my mind. No, I am not going to take the blame any more. We are a country of major differences, minor alignments, dramatic impressions and uncontrolled trolling and aggression. We… Read More »


IT is now for the Radio Industry to take advantage of Phase-III auction

The third round of auction in radio is being seen as game changer. I personally fail to understand this euphoria. My faith in radio as a medium is a bit shaken, I am not sure about the situation in metro markets but suspect that it may only be slightly better. For, here is a media in… Read More »

Is the innovation in print dead?

The passionate print guy in me waited through the Navratra for some surprise. I have not seen, heard or read about any Innovation in Print for sometime. Print has moved from Basic innovations: Size, Shape, Position, stapling, sticking and false cover etc., no longer innovations to Technology-based innovations: Gatefold, Double gat fold, Central gatefold, Outer fold, Inner… Read More »