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‘ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE’ – towards designed customer Intimacy.

Oh, I know. I caught you there with the headline. As a brand / product/ service, you and the customer is not married. On top of that there is no hint of an affair. Intimacy is a desire and dream but then that is where you stand. If I hear you right, you are committed to… Read More »


The power of effective one-on-ones in media sales.

Sales and marketing of media brands have been experiencing a change, they are not comfortable with. ‘whatsapp me’, ‘Let’s skype’ and ‘send a email’ are replacing ‘let’s discuss’ and let’s meet’. If you seriously believe ‘One-on-Ones’ that were the backbone of legendary media relationship marketing/ selling of yesteryears are threatened by the evolving technology, social… Read More »

11 Reason why your training programmes fails

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala It’s the time of the year when most organisations tend to re-evaluate their training programmes and the progress they have made. Senior management sees it as not delivering the right ROI. Employees feel that right training is not being imparted. And the poor trainer suddenly has no idea why after… Read More »


This is the time I was with  HTA. Motorola was a new client. And Rahul Verghese (www.runningandliving.com fame) a different kind of client. Dead serious professionally and hugely funny beyond work. Rahul had five  simple rules to work when it came to meetings. On time. Rahul lived what he expected from others. I remember him… Read More »