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The forgotten art of ‘Managing By Walking Around’

In my career, I worked with a lot many professionals managers, who were also great human beings. They helped shape my approach in life. Under their expert tutelage, I was introduced to the hugely potent management tool; the art of ‘Managing By Walking Around’ ( MWA). I am a great fan of it. Most of… Read More »


Appreciating contribution in creating highly untrained leadership in advertising

Tweet     Follow @S_kotnala The classic quote “Our assets go down in the elevator every night” still reflects advertising and communication organisations and highly people-centric professions. Yet, the practice defies logic. Surprisingly, beyond learning on the run, they do nothing in terms of organised training. Throwing in the deep end seems to be the only… Read More »


INTRADIA is a part of    P1P2SOLUTIONS   which  is dedicated towards liberating solutions ( Ideas). As an successful ambitious organisation with clear goals and objective, your team is one of the best talent group in the category. They collectively have a huge experience and most likely their potential has not been fully exploited. Its seen that an EXTERNAL… Read More »