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Is 6-minute digital film risking brand association?

When the digital wave started, it created a luxury of time for audio-visual brand expressions. In the 6-minute digital film format, the creative teams and brand custodians were no longer constrained by the 30 – 45 second capping. A result of  high cost of advertising exposure on television. It gave birth to short digital films,… Read More »


IS Scarecrow attempt to consciously be different working?

I personally loved the new Rasna film Pyarelal Ka Bachpan Ka Pyar by Scarecrow. It was a bit of pleasant surprise. It is a classic case of the brand willing to refocus its lenses and to experiment. It is about a long journey and not necessarily just a drink that children love. Yes, there are… Read More »


34th EPISODE .  10th JUNE 2008.  There was tension in the National Brand team at Dainik Bhaskar Mumbai.  It was 10th of June and the rains that started on 1st June showed no signs of stopping. Initially we considered it as pre-monsoon showers but soon along with MET department revised the forecast. Monsoon had arrived… Read More »


            32nd EPISODE. Year 2000. Lowe Lintas Delhi. 9th floor Mohandev Building.  Pawan and team were in a celebrating mood. After countless scripts, finally the client MARUTI approved script titled ‘BONDAGE’. The budget was decent enough for the team to think of talking to Namita Roy Ghose and Subir Chatterjee… Read More »