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GOAFEST 2019. what you missed and they messed?

On day-2 of Goafest 2019, I Tweeted ‘This is best GOAFEST DAY’ ever’. Few have asked me as to what made me say so? Honestly, it has nothing to do freely availability of cold beer, lovely breakfast at Grand Hyatt or that the unfinished story had a new beginning. I will answer it at the… Read More »


GOAFEST 2017- 13 constructive suggestions because PERFECTION is always WORK-IN-PROGRESS.

In my last post, I had said that Goafest 2017 would surpass expectations and I must repeat that I do believe it has. Unfortunately, the expectations with the team of supermen and superwomen organising Goafest were super-high too. Hence, we delegates – personally, individually and collectively – found issues to crib with some of what… Read More »