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Reload The New Bold Perspective Of Resurgent India

Tweet Follow @s_kotnala When you live in India that Dheeraj Sinha talks about in his book ‘India Reloaded’, it is easy to smile, frown and discard what is being said. A commoner soaks in the ambience on day-to-day basis. He is naturally inert and blind to the trends, events and changes Dheeraj refers and brings alive.… Read More »


Read ‘SCION OF IKSHVAKU’ but it fails to meet the high expectations

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala The relationship between a performer and the audience is always fragile. Be it an actor, a cricketer, a dancer or an author. With repeated superlative performance they raise the bar not only for them but also of the expectations of their fans. It is the curse of being successful and passionate in… Read More »