What was Karan Johar Smoking while making ADHM

By | November 1, 2016

How long will we be made to suffer the grand tantrums of a kid who refuses to grow up? I am talking of Karan Johar and his brand of movies. He has a different take on things (that is usually good); he is expressive, open and honest ( better), a good judge in reality-show ( Best) and has a great production house ( which gave good movies with other directors). However, for some inane reason, he finds time to write and direct painfully hollow movies where he without fail will romanticize the earlier Bollywood.

Let me be honest; I thought that Diwali would help me escape the torture. The viewer reviews were sending out loud warnings which everyone could hear. I should have believed in collective wisdom and grand jury. The verdict was out. Come Monday, I was feeling better. With each passing day, my chances of being coerced into watching ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ ( ADHM) was decreasing exponentially.

ae-dil-hai-mushkil_147270598600I now know; I should never start celebrating in advance. Nazar Lag Jati Hai. Yes, the silly stupid review by who soever TOI could get- gave ADHM – a four-star Saulte. This was embedded in my wife’s reference radar. And for that, yesterday I ended up watching this Bull**** of a movie. This was for the first time in my life that I seriously believed that FAWAD KHAN muck before the release was a publicity stunt, and the whole country has been taken for a ride. Pity, people for banning relented at the last stage. If election were held right now, they would have lost votes for allowing ADHM to be released.

See the picture below, that is an award-winning campaign of yesteryears. It worked for most of Indian movies, including Govinda’s. However, ADHM is a different league.


ADHM, is a Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma movie. It is a shallow twisted story that should have remained in the six inches between the two ears of its director. So, they played with full freedom and have given some silver moments in the whole setup of more than vibrant lush tempting foreign locations. Every moment is celebrated with more than loud rampant high decibel cacophony going by the name of background music. No, everything is not bad, there are few songs and at those moments, the words finally make sense and the music so good.

The whole screen from frame 1 to N is saddled with Love in its multiple singularaity of expressions. Theae-dil-hai-mushkil_640x480_41473875060 love you don’t understand, the Dard ( Pain) you must sometime feel, the one-sided powerful love, the love that comes with a power to love needing no concurrence and most importantly the love, a friend can feel but another can’t understand. I am not sure what Karan Johar was smoking while making the film. And I will not want ‘Grass’ to be scandalised.

In my view, the good-guy Karan mixed up four different movies. His intentions were to give you a festival kick. Believe me there are three four movies in one ADHM. Still, this festival bonanza of buy-one-get-three-free fails to excite the festival discount seeking frenzy of a crowd.

Movie No1. before the interval between Anushka Sharma and Ranbir. Movie 2, the most you could watch between Aishwarya Rai and Ranbir. Movie 3, between Fawad, Ranbir and Anushka. And Movie 4, you guessed it right, the tear-jerking effort between Anshuka and Ranbir.

There are so many places that the director should have called pack up, but that was not to happen. It does seem that Fawad role has been edited later to make him least visible in the movie.

The boy who never grew up, shows you a musical chair of love episode. The ever successful dependable formula of old songs and situations from Bollywood fails to make a positive difference this time. Demanding lust, simple gratifying sex, misunderstood playfulness, moments to make you feel really sad, a marriage, a runaway bride, divorce, hero rushing to the airport to stop his lady love, Cancer, few days to live, care, Jet swinging lover boy who does not know how to kiss, the gold digger hoot, double date that went wrong, snow clad picturesque mountains, seductive moments, cobbled streets, passionate running, fight, dejection, celebration, drinking spree…what else is remaining. Your problem is that you are never satisfied. All this was too much for you to digest. Result, ADHM looks like a major an accident victim after the autopsy. ( No offence please). Definitely, it is not something you would want to watch.

The only powerful moments that I liked was when Anuska comes visiting Aishwarya and her ex-friend Ranbir. The moment Ranbir realizes that Anushka is free of Fawad. Even so, would I suffer this whole mishap for these small moments. Not Done.

In case you wanted to watch what conned so many people, here is that trailer. Though Ansuhka and Ranbir tries their best. the good for still photography trying to be extra hot Aishwarya is good for eyes. Fawad in his short space shows what he is capable of. Lisa hayden is completly wasted.

Dear Karan Johan, you will have to get re-certified sane and pass the audience test as a writer-director in years to come. They have been big time jolted.

I asked a question at the start. How long will we be made to suffer the grand tantrums of a kid who refuses to grow up? The answer is within you. ‘Aab Yeh Dil is Really Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. STARS: Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya RaiBachchan, Lisa Haydon, Fawad Khan. DIRECTOR : Karan Johar