Raapchick Rapping GULLY BOY- FILM REVIEW

My first reaction to ‘GULLY BOY’ as I stepped out of PVR was ‘What A Film!’ With time the superlative expression got  subdued. The magic started weaning. By the time I got to write this review, it was a few notches down. Gully Boy is a story of an underdog delivering against odds. It is… Read More »


Make My Trip – needs more than Magical advertising.

Three years back ‘Make My Trip’ (MMT) signed Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt as Brand Ambassador in a strategic move to connect with younger customers. The audience was intrigued, as the two have not done a movie together. Gully Boy will be the first movie for the pair. The audience has seen some brilliant, interesting, engaging and… Read More »

‘CREATIVE SUPERPOWERS’, You need it. Book Review

TODAY ONE NEEDS ‘CREATIVE SUPERPOWERS’. Creativity is an expected skillset in any profession today. We all want ‘Creative Superpowers’ to grow. Yet, there are very few recognised programmes on creativity taught as part of professional education at graduate or postgraduate level. Creativity is something one is expected to have or to learn on the job.… Read More »