By | March 4, 2016

The Goafest Abby deadline was extended and it surprised no one. It was not an exception to a rule. It was expected. The potential entrants knew deadlines would be extended. They live a life of extended deadlines. Agencies do it while pitching but forget the art when there are regular day-to-day interactions with clients. Unmet deadlines in our work, political system and every sphere of life are a malice that has been holding the nation back.

Ø Why things don’t happen on the schedule and set deadlines.
Ø Why do we willingly accept a 3-4 times budget escalations due to delay.
Ø Why do we accommodate the resultant chain reaction.

On the other hand, we are mostly on time for our flights. I am not ridiculing your complex work by comparing it to reaching airport to catch your flight. May be breaking every deadline and project complexity into manageable units like reaching airport on time.

Delay needs explanations. Needs excuse. Timely delivery needs no such things. People who succeed mostly maintain timelines and schedule. They have to. To deliver on multiple fronts. DEADLINES PUSH PEOPLE TO BE MORE EFFICIENT.

Deadlines suddenly put pressure and forces people to focus and move quickly. It demands them to concentrate on only what is important and needs to be completed.

Mostly people do not set their own deadlines. It is set by other people. Bosses, friends, family and loved ones. And they use such deadlines as a means and only criteria of setting their priorities. Approaching non-negotiable deadline makes your whole body react with right reflexes. The adrenalin rush takes care of the worrying mind. All that one sees is the deadline and the end post. This ensures timely completion. So, should you be setting yourself unmanageable deadlines – tight deadlines that will put into the mode described here. Hopefully not.

By sticking to deadlines, you are able to do a lot more. The completion of any and every task is known to pump in that additional energy to attack the next one. And working with deadline has a side benefit- it forces you to stop procrastination. Suddenly even with these deadlines and many task staring at you- you acting with purpose add poise to the whole attempt. It leads to a lower stress.

It may really be helpful to SET IMAGERY DEADLINES WHERE NONE EXIST AND STICK TO THEM. It is a simple trick but it helps. Put your own deadlines to important work you do. Keep them in manageable blocks and you are sure to catch the flight

First published in MXMINDIA.com