Dream With Your Eyes Open and close when you exit

By | May 22, 2015


A great ease of story telling with experiences that are too near to him- makes DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN a real interesting read. Ronnie Screwvala the first-generation entrepreneur and UTV founder takes you through the roller coaster rides that his life been. In process there are inferences (lessons) that you can deduce yourself, tough he does help by phrasing them for you at the end of every chapter.

Dream With Your Eyes Open brings alive the successes ad failures with the same transparency. There is no guilt because you know the answer. The book is about CAN DO, SHOULD DO, WILL DO but not about SHOULD HAVE DONE. In fact the right title for the book would have been DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN AND EXIT WITH CLOSED.

DWYEOThis is definitely a book I will recommend anyone in leadership role. It’s not only about entrepreneurial success and working. Defining it thus will be a myopic understanding of the subject. There are enough instances and learning’s for team work, risk taking, long term relationship, networking, net-Worthing, taking on opportunities cutting loses, believing in self and team. IT IS LOADED.

The need to see beyond the bend. The thought on Plan B. The need to see the trucks and trains that may be rushing head-on for a crash. There are so many corporate anecdotes to express the point from the ground Zero. AAP BEETHI ( self experienced ) always made a better story. Thankfully this is not really written from ‘let me tell you how I made my millions’ tone and that makes it a gripping story.

There are many hidden gems but the one that I liked the most is tucked on page 126. “Inequality is given. You can take inequality as a challenge, or move on, because it never goes away completely. To be honest that is not necessarily bad news”.

SO go ahead and DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN and Exit with closed.

DREAM WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.  Ronnie Screwvala.  An entrepreneurial Journey. RUPA. INR 500. Pages 185.