You only arrive when you are AMUL-ed!

By | November 29, 2017

I am not sure, if anyone else has ever used the term Amul-ed as Atul Kasbekar did in his lovely tweet of success. Even Big B has commented earlier that ‘My films on Amul Hoarding mean public endorsement’ but the word Amul-ed was not coined then.


It’s the power of concept that leads to treating of an act as a verb. Like Googled in digital representing search, ‘Mankaded’ in Cricket for running out a batsman that is backing up more than what is fair or ‘Bhaskared’ in newspapers, representing Dainik Bhaskar launching a newspaper in your territory and becoming number one with its Orbit Shifting Innovative approach to subscription. A new one ‘Patanjalied’ or ‘RamDevEd’ could be joining this club.

I like this powerful representation of buzz and topicality that it has been showcasing in its hoarding through ages. However, thanks to Atul Kasbekar, now we have a term for it; Amul-ed.

The PR agencies have something to learn from Amul campaigns, and they can consider Amul campaigns as a new tool to depict the buzz, interest and engagement. In fact, the use of Amul hoarding, print rendition across newspapers and digital presence represents another layer of earned media. It naturally gives the event a nationwide coverage, and the same gets amplified in social media with 1.4 million fans of its creative on Facebook.     

The problem or rather the advantage is that in a week ONLY one event, topic, thought that is Amul-ed. Maybe the clients will start asking question if the event, idea is powerful enough to be Amul-ed. And surprisingly Rahul da Cunha and team which run one of the most trusted brand-agency creative relationshipwill be the only one to have the answer for it.

The so-loved little girl in her own way is a spokesperson of India. It never fails to make a cheeky and at times satire dripping comment on the topical situation and links it to the utterly butterly brand thought. The spectrum is really wide from Politicians, railways, infrastructure, sports, religion, films, legends and even passing away of celebrities.

Once you have been Amul-ed, there are chances that the creative maybe immortalised in the next AMUL INDIA book which is available at INR 299.