By | January 27, 2015

51st EPISODE. This was one of the DAINIK BHASKAR GROUP’s famed B2B engagements. Client and media (planners & Buyers) representing many brands and agencies were in Rajasthan to experience Bhaskar Market’s.  The tour is really simple. It involved Delhi, Mumbai ad Bangalore invitees converging at Ajmer. Then going for a visit to Pushkar fair on day one. Day one would culminate in a small gathering. And day-two the team will drive down to Jaipur for market visit, Bhaskar office visit and visit to the plant (where newspaper is printed).

It may seem as a simple tour, but at Bhaskar such engagement are taken very seriously. A lot of people work behind the scene to ensure everything works smoothly towards a grand experience of the market and Bhaskar facilities. The magic is in detail and multi layered planning. , There are an escape route for every possible emergency or situation, but then god has his own surprises.



During PUSHKAR visit the teams peaked in their spiritual experience and during evening they were high in another kind of spirit.  Just to be clear, the corporate marketing plans and executes it with the corporate sales heads. The local teams finally execute the tour. The success credit may lie with corporate team, but in reality it s the local teams that make it a success.

The Ajmer leg went really smoothly. Teams next morning started for Jaipur. As per plan they were to go to Bhaskar office and plant before leaving for individual destinations. Now, no way one could have expected and planned for the massive fire  (that was reported in national news and took days to control) will break out in oil depots of a major oil company. The fire resulted traffic restrictions derailing plans. The Jaipur team surprised everyone by finding a way in to Bhaskar plant. This was a long detour. Once we reached the plant, we realised why were they so keen to make it happen. There was a surprise waiting for the visitors.

As the press started and paper started rolling out every one went wow.  Copies of a special 4-page broadsheet newspaper dropped from the KBA machine belt. This has pictorial coverage of the tour. It if I am right covered their tour till the Jaipur office visit, a few hours back. In one understated way it demonstrated technology- coordination and the newspaper strength.

Everyone of the team carried spare copies back with them. I would not be surprised if few of them still have the copies. Thanks Jaipur team for making it happen, ( TRUTH- Mumbai corporate team was unaware of this surprise element)


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