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Intradia a part of P1P2SOLUTIONS
which  is dedicated towards liberating solutions ( Ideas).

We believe that an organization as a whole or any department within it
is continuously facing multiple challenges, opportunities and issues.
In its attempt to address all of them,
the resources available and deployed get diluted
leading  to unsatisfactory results.

P1P2  symbolically represent the TWO-TOP-MOST  PRIORITIES
that the system must address.
Once the organization takes care of their ‘P1P2’,
many other issues and challenges are automatically get addressed.
A new set of priorities emerge, the organization then must again  re-prioritise them
before deploying resources to address them.

always P1P2A multi layered and departmentalized approach
in addressing the right priorities  
at the right level
helps organization to efficiently deploy its intangible and tangible resources.



We believe that Organizations hire best candidates for the assignments.
These candidates are well paid and have huge collective experience.
They are nearest to the challenge / opportunity or issue.
This nearness coupled with  their experience
make them best suited to provide the solution.


Dependence on EXTERNAL CONSULTANTS is a disease
and hugely demotivating to your internal teams.
What you end up doing is to serve them fish,
whereas your aim should be to help them learn fishing.
This would improve their and organizational caliber.

 INTRADIA ; we  believe  INTERNAL TEAMS are best paced to
Solve an Issue, Overcome a Challenge or to Exploit an Opportunity.

They have their role to play.
Use an expert, a consultant as the inertia breaker in the field
where the organizational knowledge is limited.
Like when you are entering a new area of operation.
But again your focus should be always to make the internal teams learn fast
and from best resources so that the dependence on the consultant is eradicated in a fixed time.

 Create A Plan Today To Decrease Your Dependence On Consultants.

presents 3 ways to help you unleash
the untapped potential of your Internal team.
Our focus always remains to ensure internal teams learn the process
and that the CO-CREATED CO-OWNED SOLUTION emerges from them.


COME to INTRADIA and lets

Intradia final c2c.cdr

 Our approach is of a facilitator.
We help the teams remove unwanted stone
from the rock they hold to make the statute emerge from it.
We work as a facilitator to collectively mold the idea clay on the wheel of solutions


‘Crop Of Ideas’ with you internal team,
A two day workshop that aims at making the internal team collectively
create the Co-OWNED CO-CREATED Solution.

Learn 33 more ways of interaction
than Power point, brainstorm, status report,
managed or open discussions.
Get out of the routine mundane world
and explore new microsystems and microstructures
that ensure interaction where every input is heard

Innovation without a wait.
Innovation Now and Here
A 2 day workshop where the internal team will emerge
with relevant impactful innovative solutions to the challenge. 

For further details connect with
Sanjeev Kotnala
Handheld   +91 98197 28963