Many Lives Many Masters- Book Review

By | November 24, 2018

I picked up the book ‘ MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS ’ on the recommendation of my dear friend Aditya Amar. It is a tough book to put down. You always want to know more. You want to know, what the well-respected psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss (author) finds next while treating a complicated case of 27-year-old Catherine in 1980.

Your reaction to the book solely depends upon your interest and belief in the continuation of life, the transition of soul, rebirth and superior powers to be. For me, it was yet another reinforcement of my thinking, understanding and belief.

For most Indians, the rebirth cycle is a well-known concept. We may attach an unusual degree of belief and confidence to it. Hence for a lot of fellow readers, it may not hold much interest or surprise.

Dr Weiss uses past-life therapy to treat Catherine of her anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and dreams.

MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS’ is a compilation of what happened in these therapy sessions spread over some 18 months. These sessions in some way question Dr Weiss knowledge and conventional thinking.

Here was Catherine recounting her experiences from past lives. Her current state of life seemed to be linked to her experiences in the past 86 lives as male and female. And hence when her conscious mind is able to experience these past-life incidents and episodes of her life, it is able to understand, and Catherine shows remarkable signs of improvement.

As an NLP practitioner, I understand this subconscious mind imprints. We use this in regression to take care of phobias and fears that are a result of ingrained but unaware memory.

There was something more. Catherine becomes the conduit for messages from the Masters. They are the one who guides the soul between transitions from one life to another. Moreover, Catherine is able to share knowledge of incidents from Dr Weiss life, which she could never have known.

His desire to learn more from the Masters pushes Dr Weiss continues the treatment for a period, which he acknowledges more than Catherine needs. There is valuable knowledge and learning from Master spirits. The knowledge shared by these Master Spirits is nothing new. Most of them are common in the Indian leanings and understanding.

Take for example these learning. There are many gods, for God is in each of us. It is a common theme at least in Hinduism. The concept of multiple planes of consciousness and knowledge that the soul must graduate before it can find Nirvana is not new. We carry our debts from this life to next (in case you do believe in rebirth), and hence we must check our vices, thoughts and actions.

The one thing that I want you to read carefully is this learning from the masters.

“The fear of death… that no amount of money or power can neutralise ”… remains within us. “But if people knew that life is endless; so we never die; we were never really born, this fear would dissolve.” We have “lived countless times before and would live countless times again. . . and spirits are around us to help while in physical state and after death, in a spiritual state.”

We have been afraid of only one certainty in life- Death. On the other side, we chase and accept other probabilities of life. Something that we do discuss this in ‘Rediscover Yourself‘ Workshop, though we avoid getting into past and present lives. Next ‘Rediscover Yourself workshop is scheduled on 7th-8th December at Cottage Nirvana, Mukhteshwar, Uttarakhand.



Once you know, it is just the body which ceases to exist in the physical form. The soul transits to the next life and next role, the anxiety with death will certainly decrease.

“Everything comes when it must come. Life cannot be rushed… we must accept what comes to us at a given time… life is endless… we just pass through different phases. There is no end. Time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned.”

So, along with the soul, there has to be some part of the unconscious mind that carries the reservoir of past imagery and memories. According to Dr Weiss, he was confident that Catherine was visiting this subconscious mind during her trans.

There are many reasons and observation that till the time science can not categorically destroy and debunks rebirth and soul transition theory, it has to be seen as a possibility. Why some kids are able to relate, visualise and share experiences and at times even recognise places and people from past life. Why people are able to speak a language, they have never been trained in. Why certain behaviours seem to be repeated without training. To believe in rebirth or not is a personal choice.

Why go far, in my own case, my parents, uncles and aunts share that as a kid, I used to tell them that I was an army man in the Indo-china war. My birth and war are spaced out by some 2 years. I would do the army drill of combat movements. I was 4 years old. I have no such memory now but their words to believe

In the case of Dr Weiss, he was so confident and sure of the experiences that he takes a professional risk of sharing them under the book ‘MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS.’

I suggest you read this ‘MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS’. Maybe it will have a lasting impact on your thinking and approach. Perhaps I owe some debt from past lives to all of you, that I suggest you read it. As souls keep meeting other souls in different planes and lives till their business is not sorted out. Thank you Aditya Amar for making the recommendation, now I do understand a bit more of you and cottage Nirvana.