Who the hell is MILO KOTNALA?

By | December 15, 2018

11th December was MILO KOTNALA birthday. That’s not the actual date. However, that the date Milo Kotnala came home in 2017.

So who the hell is Milo Kotnala? 

MILO KOTNALA, a part of the family. The latest member of KOTNALA’s of Kandivali.

My daughter Preetica has been after us to get a pet at home. I being chased by some stray dog way early in life suffered from Gynophobia; fear of the dog. My wife Neha was worried about the possible nuisance and the care a pet would need. But she somehow came around to accepting the demand. So I would say, in a house only one dog can stay.

Preetica held her grounds. All she wants on her birthday was a pet at home. Trust me I held my ground for too long and then in a moment of weakness sometime in November 2017 promised Preetica that we would get a pet.
That was it. I was not allowed to think any more. The research on possible breeds and breeders was in full swing. Then we decided we would have a Beagle. The sturdy, hyperactive no-nonsense breed.


Now, we went through various breeds. My daughter joined animal groups and dog-lovers group on WhatsApp. Finally, we zeroed on to two parties we could get the dog. The party nearer home was getting it from Pune. We wanted our pet to come in earlier than what they were promising. The other breeder in Borivali was promising a puppy from Patiala but a lot faster. They shared pictures on mobile. There were three beagle puppies. We all unanimously picked the centre one. He looked far more agile and cute. We made the advance payment.

The wait started, and the usual delivery issues got amplified by the day. We would be promised delivery, but what we got was a series of excuses. It came to a stage that we were at the verge of asking for the advance when the news came that Milo has started on his journey from Patiala to Mumbai.

11th December we went to the breeder’s place in Borivali, and there were the same three puppies. Or it seemed like that. They were so similar that we were confused which one we wanted. We were informed that one of them was taken. Now between the remaining two, my daughter and I had a unanimous liking for this cute bundle of joy that was still wobbling on his feet. But he was active. He most resembled the one we had earlier seen in the picture. I planned to name him P3- after P1-P2 my Son Prateek and daughter Preetica. However, Preetica named him Milo.


Getting a pet at home is one thing, but, taking care and bringing him up, as a disciplined member of the family was something different. We claim to know a lot more of dog psychology now. However, we understand that Milo has trained us in as many ways as we have trained him.

He has his language of expression. We think we have started understanding it. He is a great theatre artist. And he knows how to use his cute expressions to get his way. We know it and yet like a very gullible person fall for his tricks every time.

Our family collective time increased. The TV shows other than BiggBoss and India Got Talent became irrelevant. There were far more chores. There was a new baby at home. Everything in the house now revolved around him. For a few months, even the ritual of going for the movie got curtailed. The food time with Milo became a reality show for the family. The net positivity is up.


Even for me, who was most against getting a pet, Milo is the centre of life. I miss him when I travel out of the city on work. Maybe he knows it too. So when I return from my frequent trips, the demonstrated love and welcome I get is something only to be experienced. The day I come back is the day he sleeps with me.

Saying that I can go near dogs will be an understatement I welcome going ear to dogs. I have no hesitation in meeting any dog. Credit to this transformation goes to Milo Kotnala.

He is everyone’s pet. He is extremely friendly and has a fan following within society. Kids adore him.
Milo naturally spends maximum time with his Mommy, my wife. As an when my daughter will go to another town for her further education, Milo the new child in the home will give company to her. It was one of the rationales when I decided to give in to my daughter’s demand. But, it is least of the reason.

Milo has been with us exactly a year. And it seems we have been with him for many years. That’s the love and affection the family feels. See the TATTOO on Prateek and Preetica’s arms. It is MILO paw mark.


I know I was late in getting MILO. But, maybe it was because he was the one destined to join the family. I would urge all families to have a pet. It’s a beautiful experience. Additionally, it has the power to create stronger bonds among family members. The children learn a lot by caring for the pet.

I can go on and on. But then it is something that is purely experiential. MILO KOTNALA, thank you for being a part of the family.