Support ASCI, WEAR A TOUCH OF WHITE on 5th April at Goafest #ProudOfASCI

By | April 4, 2018

Show your appreciation and support for ASCI, WEAR A TOUCH OF WHITE WHITE on 5th April 2018 at Goafest.

Tomorrow is the inaugural session of the 13th edition of Goafest, the Khumbh of Indian Advertising. I expect every work awarded or displayed at Goafest confirms to the ASCI guidelines, which is the outcome of Industry collective wisdom.

Baba Ramdev will be addressing this august gathering as a keynote speaker on 5th April. I have no issue with Godman Turned Tycoon. He has redefined marketing and branding in many ways. He has been successful with a range of product categories and is one of the largest clients in town.

However, Baba Ramdev has demonstrated an utter disregard, lack of respect and confidence in the collective self-regulation and an incredible consistency in challenging ASCI guidelines. It has called ASCI as unconstitutional. Patanjali features in almost every quarterly list of offenders and keeps doing what it wants. It seems to suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of poking ASCI.

And that’s the reason for strongly objecting to AAAI and the Adclub inviting Baba Ramdev to Goafest.

It seems, we not only tolerate unrepenting repeat offenders, who disregard Industry guidelines, but we celebrate them. There should be no place for such offenders within the industry. I am not sure if Patanjali feels the need to be part of Industry.

Goafest is the opportunity to demonstrate cohesiveness within the industry and strengthen ASCI, which is doing exemplary work in and for the Industry.

Show Your Support To ASCI By WEARING A TOUCH OF WHITE On 5th April at Goafest. 
Let everyone get the message echo loud and clear, how much we love and respect ASCI.It does not matter if you are not at Goafest. You can still support ASCI by wearing white. Share your picture on social media with #ProudOfASCI #Livegoafest

I hope seniors in the Industry also WEAR A TOUCH OF WHITE and send the right signal of being proud of ASCI and supporting it. Don’t hide your support with a white handkerchief of white socks, show it  #ProudOfASCI


Disclaimer. These are my personal views. #ProudOfASCI