OrFANS – Adopt a country – enjoy the football world cup.

By | May 11, 2018

When your country is not playing the World Cup this summer.
There is only one thing you can do. Adopt a country that is.

I remember 1985 world cup. At the institute, there was two type of people. One watching the World cup in the night on hired television sets and coming to classes with bleary eyes ( if they did)/ And the other who world cup as a stupid indulgence, a waste of time when there were the thick volume of reference books waiting in the library. I could never understand the latter.

Pic pexels.com/Manu-manglassery

India qualifying for football is still a dream. The clubs culture in EPL and other widely followed tournaments are no longer operative. The football stars have moved to represent their countries and renew the undefined rivalries with club mates new flavour is in the game.

There are 207 countries that play football. Only 32 manage to qualify for the FIFA world cup every four years. Leaving citizen and fans in 175 countries O, making soccer fans in the rest of 175 countries, Orphan fans ( OrFans)

A lot of us have a favourite country we idolise, follow and wish to win the cup. In a way, we the orphan fans ( OrFans) end up adopted one of the playing countries for the World cup. The time of OrFans is now.

Emmanuel Upputuru has created a digital experience for OrFans like me to adopt a country and enjoy the cup with complete dedication and passion. The fun does not stop, even if the chosen country fails to move up the rounds. Not happy with the performance – have no worries. Simple, with a click, OrFans can transfer their loyalties to the team still in the competition.

There is more fun to have with the app. You can connect with the network of OrFans punching for your country of choice. You can connect and maybe offline watch the match together.

The app OrFan carry a lot of detailed information about the players and the country. So, when you as an OrFan adopt a country, you can dig in and know a lot more about the country. The app is coming soon to Android and iOS. http://orfans.io/. And there the OrFan in me has adopted Germany