Satyamev Jayate; Movie review. Honestly baseless.

By | August 16, 2018

Manoj Bajpai holds ‘SATYAMEV JAYATE’  and steals the show from John Abraham’s movie Satyamev Jayate. I have seen such movies in the early eighties, and the hall would erupt in claps and be whistling at the fight sequence or dialogues.
So there is someone who is slowly but surely burning the corrupt policemen in Mumbai. In the city that never sleeps, no one sees him. No one registers his presence. Even if we ascribe it to public sympathy and support, no one questions his moving in-out of the police station in uniform.

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Yes, there are few simple twists in the tale, but trust the audience can tie up all the loose ends much before the director gives a clue.
There is no originality in the scheme, incidents and treatments. You will recognise the shadows of a few hit movies. Traces of Dewar Ardhya Satya and Kick are also there. Maybe that is the game you can play while watching the movie. Where I have seen this scene/emotion/ dialogue before.

There is that usual cop in a dance bar scene played so many times on the screen. Oh yes, I would want to know the address of this glamorous dance bar operating in Mumbai after notebandhi.

Aisha Sharma with John

Only Manoj Bajpai holds the film together. However, then it is too much even for the very talented Bajpai. John Abraham is still to learn that having biceps and shouting lines without injecting them with emotions is not considered acting. Before someone points me out for gender insensitivity, yes there is a heroine in the film. Aisha Sharma, please note you are the heroine, even though you may not know what your role was or why were you there in the film with that front knotted shirt.

The end scene is one of the weakest, hashed-up scenes in recent times. Every one in triplicate has to take the Police Oath, one after another.

For some unknown reason or maybe to check the IQ, the culprit keeps providing clues to police officers. Maybe he had a nasty urge to be caught. Sadly what could have been great cat-and-mouse or spy Vs spy, where one remains ahead of the other party, and the positions keep on changing. Alas, Satyamev Jayate remains a mediocre film.

There is nothing much to write about the movie. However, I am not from any more clue, in case the Independence week pushes you to watch a movie which starts and end with the national flag. Why kill your entertainment. If you are destined to watch Satyamev jayate, honestly I can’t help you any more.

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STAR CAST. John Abraham, Manoj Bajpayee, Aisha Sharma, Amruta Khanvilkar. DIRECTOR: Milap Milan Zaveri