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Ok, I am firmly going to blame Juggernaut books for trapping me to read this genre after many years. Following one of the tweets, I landed on this simple page that sold me six stories at an invitational type of pricing. Just for INR 30, all delivered digitally in the next few minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.59.21 pmIt was late in the night. I was down a few peg and was cleaning my inbox, when I clicked my way through to the page, offering an Erotica titled ‘TRIED & TWISTED’ – six sexy stories. They came with a subhead ‘ warm your nights. Absolutely sounding good at the time.

It was with curiosity. With a crooked grin across my face, I logged into the freshly created account and claimed my book to read. Frankly, I was not expecting much. There was nothing new that erotica could present to me.

There were few questions and the reason why I was there late at night diving deep into the pages. Are this English equivalent of Mastram – that we all read in colleges? Will it really be like the short chick lit with a just a wee bit more virtual skin and action? Will it be like thematic porn movies, the one with stories?

The glossy cover picture and the digital version made it look more steamy and acceptable. Nevertheless, the pleasure to read, while fearing being caught was not going to be there.

I am not sure, was it my lower expectation or sheer brilliance of the authors that pleasantly surprised me. There was a plot, and as promised, there was a twist that was delivered painlessly.

‘My Bad Boss ‘ by Khushbu, the first story I read was a dampener. It had a completely forced emotional twist. Not the best starts to the adventure.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.56.39 pm

The middle section packed three stories by Scarlett Grey. The introduction to Scarlett (not the story) read like a racing inviting trailer, pushing the expectations high. Scarlett Grey; ‘She’s sexy; she’s racy; she’s daring. Scarlett Grey doesn’t mince words when it comes to sex. She delves into your fantasies and describes them in words you would never imagine. She’s you but in another world, a world of easy sexuality’.

‘My Husband’s friend’ by Scarlett Grey, sounded like the title of an MILF video on net. However, it surprised me with the overload of twist at the end. The next story ‘Tried and tested’ was excitingly titillating, yet the end was not satisfying enough. It lacked direction and left too much for the reader to imagine. The next story by Scarlett ‘The Mystery Mistress’ was loaded with corporate game play. It was something that was completely orgasmic. Four stories over two to go.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.56.49 pm

‘Legal affairs’ by Sanjana Chowhan, took where ‘The Mystery Mistress’ left. It took the innocent step of riding the corporate ladder by sexuality to a new twist. A double trap that was not visible until the very end. Suddenly, the stories seemed nice enough for me to want to finish the whole book. Go deep into the land of erotica. Sanjana’s next story ‘What happens at the offsite’, is a nice take on the rumour we hear from off-sites. Pattaya, as the location for the story made it that more interesting.

Overall, the stories were nice. They took you to the edge, where erotica could fail to be porn. They did create the desired visual imagery so essential in such work.

Six short erotica at a go is something only a curious mind can sustain. The real erotica reader most likely will be in another world by then.

Compliment Juggernaut books, not for the genre or ‘Tried and Twisted’, but for the very affordable, ‘digital first’ design of books. Reading it was a pleasure all the way.


‘Tried and Twisted’- 6 sexy stories by Juggernaut books.. INR 30

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