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 big question that STATE ELECTIONS THROW A TWIST IN THE TAIL. The results of the five state elections are out. Many are surprised and many are iterating, they have predicted this resurgence of Congress. Meanwhile, the big question is; has the aura of Narendra Modi’s Brand-I taken a beating. It is a subject of debate… Read More »


HALF THE NIGHT IS GONE, Amitabha Bagchi. Book review.

Thanks to Juggernaut books, I read ‘HALF THE NIGHT IS GONE’ by Amitabha Bagchi. A beautiful story of loyalty, love, hate, innocence, relationship, compassion and betrayal across three generations. I must say it’s been too long since I read a novel that completely engrossed me with clever parallel storylines across past and present. The story… Read More »

PADMAAVAT is an experience worth having

I watched Padmaavat ( Padmaavati) by Sanjay Leela Bhansali towards its 3rd week of release. By that time both the euphoria and the resistance to the movie was waning. Another few days and it would have been a thing of past with no regrets. However, as I have been writing about the film and my… Read More »

Only a LOVEHOLIC should pick- ‘SHADES OF LOVE’ edited by ANKIT MITTAL

None of us have any doubt that ‘love’ as an emotion has a vast canvas and vignettes that is tough to understand. My picking of this book is a result of being a sucker for short stories. I picked it from Mumbai Airport, when one of the flights, I was destined to take was delayed… Read More »

How to take advantage of your fears.

Fear is one of the basic response systems. It is quite natural to have fear. In reality, there is no one who does not fear something. We do gain understanding of few things and overcome their fear. Many experiences install a new kind of insecurities and fear in us. Fear as a trigger keeps evolving… Read More »

Welcoming the bride, Learning for induction.

Welcoming the bride: Key to successful Induction Finally, the day has come. After the organisation has gone through the time-consuming process of identifying need gap and desired competencies, filtered shortlisted candidates through references and back-checks, the selected candidate is joining to take charge of assigned responsibilities. The new bride walks in the family. The candidate… Read More »

GOAFEST- The fun time- Down memory lane

Since the beginning, I have a strong love-hate relationship with Goafest. I was quick to find faults, compare with others, share suggestions, demanding some changes and yes to appreciate good things or I have enjoyed my affair with it as a sponsor, delegate, disrupter, publisher, winner, jury member and in my own small way tried… Read More »