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The HAPPINESS MODEL you can follow

Your mental and emotional state is in your business. So is Happiness. Blaming the circumstances and other characters in the episode of your life, you only gain temporary relief in escapism. To be happy, you need to commit self to keep yourself happy. It is not to deny the impression and impact various materialistic outcomes,… Read More »


‘ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE’ – towards designed customer Intimacy.

Oh, I know. I caught you there with the headline. As a brand / product/ service, you and the customer is not married. On top of that there is no hint of an affair. Intimacy is a desire and dream but then that is where you stand. If I hear you right, you are committed to… Read More »


THINK TWICE – Harnessing the power of COUNTERINTITUTION by Michael J. Mauboussin is a sharply focussed book. What makes it interesting is the way  it shows you the possible reasons : why you must THINK TWICE?. Then follows it with sharply defined MISTAKES you could be making in reaching your decisions inferences. At the end… Read More »