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 big question that STATE ELECTIONS THROW A TWIST IN THE TAIL. The results of the five state elections are out. Many are surprised and many are iterating, they have predicted this resurgence of Congress. Meanwhile, the big question is; has the aura of Narendra Modi’s Brand-I taken a beating. It is a subject of debate… Read More »


GHAZI ATTACK- a must watch

We have many war movies, but this is the first Indian UNDERWATER war movie. It is the story of Indian Submarine S21 on a classified mission intercepting the Pakistan Submarine Ghazi, in the bay of Bengal. It then metamorphoses into a strategic  survival story loaded with patriotism. The whole team of GHAZI ATTACK  must be… Read More »

Why Watching BIG BOSS 9 is good for you?

Tweet  Follow @S_kotnala I am happy. BIG BOSS (BB) is back on Colors. I openly acknowledge it to be my favourite show. In fact it is our family’s favourite show. I see eyebrows going up. I see a faintly sarcastic smile spreading and then freezing at the end of those twinkling questioning eyes. The stiff jacketed… Read More »

Porn ban… no just joking

Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala As usual it is the illiterate and the man of no-means that gets crucified at these illogical irrational ‘Looking Tokyo Talking London’ decisions of the government. In a ridiculous attempt to contain child pornography, the Indian government has banned a set of adult content sites creating a panic knee-jerk reaction from lovers… Read More »


Tweet      Follow @S_kotnala This is neither the first time nor the last time that I was reading a story based on the interesting professional arena called advertising. But, it was definitely the first where the characters seemed a lot more familiar. This caused a constant tussle between my real life perception of the characters… Read More »

Pregnant BARC. Delivery Date unknown

Yesterday, the weather in Mumbai was cloudy with some areas reporting scattered rains. Inside the Nehru auditorium BARC’s promising session remained uneventful. The mystery hardly got resolved. What one heard were futuristic promises. With the IRS episode fresh in mind and BARC many months away from data release, this status update seemed more aimed at… Read More »


Thank you IAA for making it possible. One can see why the IAA India Chapter won the most active IAA Chapter award recently.   Sir Martin Sorrell (SMS) gave a basic course in TACKLING Arnab Goswami (AG). From the world GO, SMS opened with Cricket stating that it seems MSD seems to be a captain… Read More »


Business of advertising is exceptionally chaotic. Here age old relationship’s get destroyed in seconds. A good agency may overnight become untouchable. Many times agency’s self esteem may not allow further association with the brand. The relationship is always under pressure. Sometime it may have crumbled to such an extent that separation is just an excuse… Read More »