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Arnab Goswami, the News-hour is over but Picture Abhi Baaki hai Dost…

I always hated the News-hour with Arnab Goswami on Times Now. And as I look back, maybe I hated this person called AG routinely playing right. Doing what many of us would have wanted to be doing but are too afraid to do. As I write this article with today’s debate in the background, I… Read More »


Aamir Khan the real victim of out-of-context media reporting.

Taking a statement out of the context and then blowing it out of proportion is nothing new for us. We are sensitively emotional people who take people and statements at their face value. And media has perfected the art. Now as the frenzy weakens, I a non-celebrity non-media  citizen can find some confidence in attempting to… Read More »

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK- Time to go completely ONLINE

SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK is still the most happening event in its space. There is a definite growth in live stream watchers and a drop in the delegates physically attending sessions. Full houses were there but not that frequent. On the other side, SMW hit 2000+ people on the live feed. I was also one of… Read More »