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Sexual Harassment, Men Guilty Of Silence #MeTooIndia

Suddenly the unwelcome realisation has hit us. Social media is flooded with it. Don’t think that the malice of sexual harassment is beyond our belief. We just never spoken about it. #MeToo is gaining ground in India is an understatement. There is no surprise at the depth and width of this malice. Look at the list of predators.… Read More »


Has Women Empowerment endangered working men?

Rajesh sits in the corridor outside the boardroom, still unsure why he’s being branded a sexual predator and an exploiter of women. Why was his behaviour and past being probed? He has always been warm-hearted, easy-going. Nothing has changed and yet everything in his life could fall apart. It seems that the new junior in… Read More »


Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala After what looked like a dull fest what with hardly any energy and vibrancy, Adfest 2015 seems to be warming up and that is because the speakers are making relevant practical points.  The audience is usual a tad laidback and there are hardly any questions and that helps the show go on… Read More »


Thank you IAA for making it possible. One can see why the IAA India Chapter won the most active IAA Chapter award recently.   Sir Martin Sorrell (SMS) gave a basic course in TACKLING Arnab Goswami (AG). From the world GO, SMS opened with Cricket stating that it seems MSD seems to be a captain… Read More »

11 Learnings from the World Cup

The sudden vacuum post the final last night brings alive the whole World Cup alive in short burst of captured moments. And in the process filter with ease and least effort some learnings that are tough to miss out. 1. YOU CAN’T CREATE A TEAM IN MIXER GRINDER. Brazil is the case in point. Other… Read More »