‘The Internet is NOT the Answer’, Andrew keen. Book Review.

I always knew that ‘The Internet Is NOT the Answer’. It is a milestone in the chaotic river of evolution. Life and future will find its own way to correct the follies of technological advancement and misuse. No there is nothing to worry about. Andrew Keen as an author of ‘The Internet Is NOT The… Read More »


Unsolicited advice to help make Goafest 2020 better.

In the article yesterday, I discussed ‘what you missed, and they messed?’ with reference to the advertising industry’s biggest festival of creativity and ideas. Goafest2019 finished on April 13, 2019. Like always, it had its own moments of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  There has been tremendous change as the festival keep evolving.… Read More »

Impressive Lotus Winners At Pattaya Adfest.

Pattaya Adfest is my favourite advertising-communication festival. The 2019 festival came to an end last Saturday. Due to some personal emergencies, I had to cancel my trip at the last moment. India won 16 Lotus awards, and we are aware of the work. I have been following the fest online and keeping a tab on… Read More »

How, What & Why of Erroneous Claims by Newspapers.

Recently one of the top newspapers published a corrigendum on its circulation claim. Another newspaper hinted that the competition was lying. And a few others’ claims went unchallenged. When claims happen, you know the IRS (Indian Readership Survey) or ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) reports have been released. Reacting to competition,  calling them ‘liars’ and… Read More »

Cause Marketing – at your own risk.

Times have changed. The filters have changed. The way one interacts with advertising itself is changing. The country’s cultural fabric and tolerance levels are changing. In this scenario, one can understand the trolling of some of the brand’s cause marketing-led communication on social media. Case in point HUL Surf Excel (Daag Acche Hai –Holi) and… Read More »