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Which award will be missed if it goes missing? Lotus, Elephant, Lion, Abby or Pencil

I read the news on ADWEEK / ADFREAK and that made me turn around and re-look at the EGO WALL one has created with time. The trophies and citations stared back- as if they knew what was going through my mind. ‘If, I was to lose them will I miss them, are they important to… Read More »


Kyoorius : Awarding Work, not the Organisation or the Individual

Tweet       Follow @S_kotnala I like the way Kyoorius Awards has been shaping up. The team behind it is doing everything possible to build it as a more relevant and engaging platform for the Industry. Rajesh Kejriwal definitely has a good team and counsel of  friends surrounding him. I am impressed the way the… Read More »


Tweet    Follow @twitter I met Sonal Dabral, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra at the Adfest at Pattaya where he was Jury President for the Direct Lotus and at Goafest earlier this month. In a freewheeling chat, he gave him me his sharp and straight-from-the-heart views. Read on… JURY PROCESS AND ETHICS. Adfest Pattaya… Read More »


Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala An agency withdrawing an award entry is neither something new nor a regular occurrence. There can be many reasons for it including the official one. But one has every reason to believe that the right reason normally remains uncovered. At AdFest 2015 last week, JWT India withdrew its entry of Nutribic Biscuits… Read More »

20 things Goafest must do

(Originally appeared in MXMINDIA.com LINK: http://www.mxmindia.com/2014/06/sanjeev-kotnala-20-things-goafest-must-do-to-be-in-the-reckoning/ ) Goafest 2015 will happen at Goa – that’s as much certainty you have about India’s premier advertising-marketing event.  Basking in the glory of a successful Goafest 2014, it’s natural for not to look at the issues and problems with it and try addressing them in Jan 2015. As… Read More »


Original article appeared in http://www.mxmindia.com/2014/06/sanjeev-kotnala-curious-how-things-will-be-after-kyoorius/  On the 12th night when I entered the NSCI Stadium, I cannot be faulted for thinking that I have reached the wrong destination. But the miniature Black Elephant magnetically attached to my shirt and the big bold Kyoorius branding made me comfortable. The signs were there – expectations have been… Read More »