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Be selfish- put yourself before everything else

Life has always been demanding. The demands increase with time. You have been misguided if you believe that finally there will be a day when you will have more time at hand. It is tough to find a balance, and it is very easy to let life get out of control. Chaos, anxiety, stress are… Read More »


Your unconcerned attitude towards ‘net neutrality’ may push your country back

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala India has always been a polarised market between the have and have-nots, rich and poor, educated and illiterates. In one area there existed no differentiation, the capability to access Internet. We all were charged equally. There were no biases. That is going to change and we will see the creation of… Read More »

9 things helping Print in India

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Here is the good news for print that Sam Balsara presented at the recent Pitch Madison media projection. 1. Print is the largest media with some 42% plus overall share. 2. Difference between TV and Print has widened. 3. The growth in digital has come at the cost of TV more… Read More »


Thank you IAA for making it possible. One can see why the IAA India Chapter won the most active IAA Chapter award recently.   Sir Martin Sorrell (SMS) gave a basic course in TACKLING Arnab Goswami (AG). From the world GO, SMS opened with Cricket stating that it seems MSD seems to be a captain… Read More »


‘Lady, You’re not a man’ goes with a misguiding subscript- The adventures of a woman at work- by  Apurva Purohit.  In the words of the author- who also blogs at what else but ‘Womanatwork.co.in’ – ‘it is   It is a fun look at the travails a working woman faces as she scurries around managing home… Read More »