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Terminating client-agency relationship professionally.

What is true for personal life is true for professional life too. Relationships take time to build. Same is true of Client-agency relationship. They need an investment of time, efforts and a lot of trust and faith. Moreover, yet, in many relationships, there comes a stage when breaking it is more productive than continuing with… Read More »


Leadership lessons absorbed like a sponge

On the 72nd Independence Day, I am sharing a review of ‘SPONGE: Leadership Lessons I Learnt From My Clients’ by Ambi Parameswaran. I was thinking, how different the country could be if all of us behaved like the sponge. If like Ambi, we too could reflect on our mistakes and learn through our experiences. Maybe… Read More »

Celebrity endorsement and Why self-regulation is not ASCI’s Job

Self-regulation must begin with ‘I’ before it can migrate to ‘We’ and ‘US’. So, when Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) President Srinivasan K Swamy, suggests that ‘be it an advertiser briefing an agency or an agency briefing their team, it’s time we add the ASCI code sign-off to every advertising brief’, for a moment… Read More »

Are media sellers & marketers in sync with changing B2B realities?

I was reading an article by brand strategist Tony Eades titled ‘Want Better ROI On Your B2B Marketing Strategy? Ditch The Sales Pipeline And Focus On The Customer’ . It immediately struck a chord with me, and I started reflecting at the scenario in India and the established template in media sales and marketing processes.… Read More »

Say no to mediocre creativity. Amplify OOH experience

Follow @s_kotnala   Tweet There is too much of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising. It’s a space that is cluttered. It is tough to make a statement. It is tough to create an engaging experience. It is tough to defend such an observation. Absolutely true for hoarding, bus shelter and other such traditional OOH still seeped… Read More »

More for Less only works in Fashion Street

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala In today’s world, the client-agency relationship is perpetually in flux. Agencies have been trying to extend the life of their last winning formula ‘More for Less’  and  protect business. There is a constant fight to grow and be the biggest, not necessarily the best. The agencies have  failed to realise creation of… Read More »


53RD EPISODE. This is a milestone story. 1992 or 1993, HERO HONDA was celebrating its 5,00,000th bike. Neither the year nor the numbers of bike is important in this story. It was first time any Indian bike was hitting such a number. Munjal’s were excited with it. More excited was J Narian, Marketing head at… Read More »


51st EPISODE. This was one of the DAINIK BHASKAR GROUP’s famed B2B engagements. Client and media (planners & Buyers) representing many brands and agencies were in Rajasthan to experience Bhaskar Market’s.  The tour is really simple. It involved Delhi, Mumbai ad Bangalore invitees converging at Ajmer. Then going for a visit to Pushkar fair on… Read More »


37th Episode. Sometime in early 1996. Lintas North India office at Mohan Dev Building, New Delhi under  the able leadership of Preet Bedi decided to expand its operations. In process, it decided to open a satellite operation at Chandigarh, which could cater to Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Haryana, Punch Kula and Chandigarh. The task was handed… Read More »