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Five memories test for ‘BRAND-i’

Take a piece of paper and keep your pen ready. When I ask you, just go ahead with the first few thoughts that hit you. Do not think, compare and evaluate. The sheet of paper is your confidential note. No one is going to read it, unless you share. So, it is possible for you… Read More »


Welcoming the bride, Learning for induction.

Welcoming the bride: Key to successful Induction Finally, the day has come. After the organisation has gone through the time-consuming process of identifying need gap and desired competencies, filtered shortlisted candidates through references and back-checks, the selected candidate is joining to take charge of assigned responsibilities. The new bride walks in the family. The candidate… Read More »

My learning curve doodling on Samsung Notes 5

I doodle and I doodle a lot. In many ways that is my way to concentrate. People know  of my passion with doodling. They understand my way. Now with the new SAMSUNG NOTES 5- It has given me a new direction and perspective. Now I can doodle whenever and wherever I want. Though playing around with stylus… Read More »

Small Steps to Enhance Activation Experience

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Events and activation are an integral part of a B2B campaign. Properly executed they are successful in engaging and delivering the message. Unfortunately most of the event and activations are good ideas badly executed. The intent behind the activity and the initial design framework are usually right. Time, budget constraints and… Read More »

Appreciating contribution in creating highly untrained leadership in advertising

Tweet     Follow @S_kotnala The classic quote “Our assets go down in the elevator every night” still reflects advertising and communication organisations and highly people-centric professions. Yet, the practice defies logic. Surprisingly, beyond learning on the run, they do nothing in terms of organised training. Throwing in the deep end seems to be the only… Read More »

‘Be bad and don’t hold back…’

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala Stretch yourself and don’t give in to constraints, even if it is always under the shadow of losing clients. The idea is to do something unexpected, writes Sanjeev Kotnala about his learnings from the recently-held Adfest in Thailand Adfest 2015, held recently in Pattaya, Thailand, was a like well-choreographed dance sequence. As… Read More »

11 Learnings from the World Cup

The sudden vacuum post the final last night brings alive the whole World Cup alive in short burst of captured moments. And in the process filter with ease and least effort some learnings that are tough to miss out. 1. YOU CAN’T CREATE A TEAM IN MIXER GRINDER. Brazil is the case in point. Other… Read More »


Continuing with the brand GILLETTE and WILKINSON SWORD blade, I share with you something that I would not recommend to be copied in the era gone by and the era to come. This is a good revenge story. Simplicity is the key to being effective and efficient. This takes me to a time when RANJAN… Read More »