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Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala In the last two articles ‘Are consumers developing Immunity to your messages’ and ‘How to develop Positive Immunity’ we have discussed the concept of PBI (Positive Brand Immunity). For the brand custodian, it is important to know the impact of their messages. There are three possible outcomes to such efforts. The consumer… Read More »


Is the Consumer developing IMMUNITY to your brand messages

Tweet   Follow @s_kotnala I hate it, when I am suffering from fever and my doctor refuses to prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. But his logic is simple. My body may develop immunity against prescribed chemicals and then I will need a higher dose. One day even the higher doses will stop working. A new prescription will… Read More »

Small Steps to Enhance Activation Experience

Tweet     Follow @s_kotnala Events and activation are an integral part of a B2B campaign. Properly executed they are successful in engaging and delivering the message. Unfortunately most of the event and activations are good ideas badly executed. The intent behind the activity and the initial design framework are usually right. Time, budget constraints and… Read More »

Bappa – The Language Of Balanced Coding And Resources

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala The elephant headed, cutely hypnotic and wise Ganapati is the patron of letters and learning. He is the first lord of all. He is worshipped first. He is a lord, friend and idol for the bloggers, storyteller’s (advertising, marketing & business) and people in journalism. He is entrusted by his father, lord… Read More »

Riding IPZEH and other management lessons from life

Tweet    Follow @S_kotnala This is from early 80’s; I was a student in Jabalpur perusing my engineering degree. I was day scholar in a college that was some 15-17 KM away from home and the distance was covered on cycle. One did that easily with friends. I had a HERO MAJESTIC and my dear close… Read More »