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Why single lane swimming is not good for your career

Organisations are complex entities. They thrive on templates and constrained experimentation. There is a discipline defined by department, position and work responsibilities. Each of them has their own agenda, objectives and SOPs. They are supposed to magically merge for the organisation to attain its goal. You are one of the units there. You have been… Read More »


Have your SOP’s outlived their utility?

Every self-respecting department in a growing organisation has defined standard operating processes (SOP). The problem is simple. Most of the process were created when the organisation was of a different size, operating in a zone with market dynamics that may not be now relevant. However, like religious rituals and family traditions, they remain unchallenged. In… Read More »


Is it time that most of us in management cadre across levels of responsibility watch sports with a lot more focus. Maybe place TV sets at appropriate places and make watching the world cup, Wimbledon and Olympics (to name a few) mandatory. Maybe we have been missing a lot between the balls and swinging with… Read More »