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Radio innovation- appointment hour listening!

I was speaking with someone in brand-marketing consultancy and was not surprised at how myopically media can operate. She was excited when she shared the idea with me last month. It was a smart radio innovation. I told her, why it will not work. But she wouldn’t accept the reality. We ended up with a… Read More »


Missing the ‘TIP’ of a Tipping Point

The annual Pitch Madison Advertising Report is out and quite a few faces in media are smiling. It is a sunny forecast. Words people were waiting to hear. The euphoria is evident. The trust exists in the forecast. Like earlier PMARs, the industry is sure 2016 report will continue to accurate and directional. Then what… Read More »

‘A’ Content on Radio. Should we have grading system in place?

Tweet   Follow @S_kotnala Radio as a medium is a delight for audiences. It is easily accessible, affordable and available. With Phase III licensing next up in time the situation will hopefully further improve on this front. Radio can be accessed on mobile, pocket transistor, vehicle and even stand-alone simple headphones. The cost of accessing is… Read More »


Media planning has spiritually come a long way. The sixth sense of media planner in Indian advertising industry is more powerful than that of the dog in Mahesh Bhatt camp. They are more accurate than the meteorological department in predicting tectonic shifts and minor tremors in media environment. The media weights are being reshaped by… Read More »

IT is now for the Radio Industry to take advantage of Phase-III auction

The third round of auction in radio is being seen as game changer. I personally fail to understand this euphoria. My faith in radio as a medium is a bit shaken, I am not sure about the situation in metro markets but suspect that it may only be slightly better. For, here is a media in… Read More »


The INMA South Asia Conference went through the rituals on November 12 and 13 with total dedication. It was a somewhat smaller gathering from the earlier editions. The networking break was redefining with 50 percent delegates either representing sponsors or The Times of India group. The opening address, macro-data session and panel discussions were monotonous… Read More »

TRAI recommendations- no cause for celebration

The Minister of state for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar is a man in hurry. By release of Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) recommendation on Cross Media Ownership, we have once gain been shown a dream.  One day this may find its own destiny. Truth is that nothing has changed, the wheel of life… Read More »