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Think we need ‘YOUNG TALENT’ quota in Industry Associations.

Tweet      Follow @s_kotnala Quota’ is in the air and you can shout out the word loudly without being in a minority. It is time that we take this opportunity for pushing something selfless in our agenda. Before you get me wrong, here is the disclaimer. My focus is to appreciate the relentless selfless industry… Read More »


Comparing apples with oranges. Why you must compare Goafest with Kyoorius.

It is bound to happen. And my telling otherwise is not going to help. Comparisons are inevitable. The industry remains divided between the two. No one has taken sides. They are waiting and watching further development.  Will they become two iconic award properties? Will Kyoorius replace Goafest? Will delegates attend both or will they sacrifice… Read More »

Do we need a regulatory body for Industry Associations In India

Time For AMMAAI; Advertising, Marketing & Management Associations Authority of India It takes two to tango. If you and the Trade Association (TA) are not serving each other’s interest then we need AMMAAI. Most likely, you are a member of one of the many associations. It is equally likely that you have missed events /meetings… Read More »

This Dassera, Burn the Ravana Within

On Friday,  we will celebrate Dassera, a festival of good prevailing over evil. This  day Rama killed Ravana, the demon with 10 heads, the most learned man of his time but a symbol of evil. Calling out the hidden professionals; the Rama within you to finish the new Ravana thriving in our industry. The power… Read More »